What happens if I need to cancel?2018-12-09T12:54:04+00:00

We will correspond via email and find a time that suits both parties and rearrange

How do I pay?2018-11-20T17:49:04+00:00

Once you have signed up to a meeting (telephone/skype or in person) you will be asked to complete a bank transfer in advance

Can I arrange a meeting at the weekend?2018-11-22T12:18:53+00:00

We can be very flexible in arranging times to suit both parties, by telephone, Skype or in person

Can I arrange a meeting in person?2018-11-20T17:47:27+00:00

Yes of course and this will be discussed with you.  All school students must be accompanied by a parent

How do I attend a group meeting?2018-11-20T17:46:56+00:00

Let us know you are interested and what topic area.  We will then collate numbers and confirm back to you

Alternatively, you can get a group together and book (minimum 4, maximum 7)

If I need more support how is this arranged?2018-11-20T17:44:09+00:00

At the end of your first consultation we can agree next steps.  This could be just for a follow up hour or a specialised package

How do I arrange a consultation?2018-11-20T17:43:29+00:00

Complete the online booking form and we will agree date, time and topics to be covered

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